educator, artist, cultural organizer

Herring Run


A bundle of plastic is carried on stage. Unfurled it becomes a creek, flowing on stage, and from the plastic cocoon emerges a grey heron constructed from waste materials, plastic, rope and newspaper. The heron stands silently near the water's edge, awaiting a fish. 

The creek is turned up, to face the audience, and becomes a shadow screen on which is projected a flowing creek, created by clear plastic bags turned into a scrolling screen on an overhead projector. While the creek flows by, stories are told of this neighborhood creek in Baltimore, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. In a meditation on the complex mix of emotions evoked by daily walks along this waterway, local residents make appearances in the form of shadow puppets - the local mailman, the beaver, a box turtle washed downstream in a storm and other creatures that call this spot of earth home. (Photos by Ana Tantaros of Side A Photography.)